It Only Took a Yak

Some of my earliest memories of childhood are memories of fishing with my dad.  Little did we know we were sharing an experience that was going to become such a big part of who I am.  At least I didn’t, did he?

So here we are, forty-five years later and last summer I decided to do something I had wanted to do since 1995.  I bought a kayak. A bright blue Hobie Outback SUV.  Pretty much all I needed to launch right off in the deep end so to speak.  Friends, family, acquaintances from work have sat by and watched my passion turn into a complete obsession.

Crazy for kayak fishing?  You betcha!  Guess you could call me a ManiYAK!

One response to “It Only Took a Yak

  1. Great article…. I too hope to pass the same onto my daughter who absolutely loves to fish at the age of 7. Still have the aluminum boat to take her out in, but the kayak bug has me bad. She is game and wants my starter boat when I get the Coosa. Also my son is getting interested and wants a yak too (maybe just the thing to get him interested as he just doesn’t seem to have the patience of my daughter on the water.

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