Cure for the Wintertime Blues?

Even though I went fishing yesterday for a short while, it’s just not the same as being out on the kayak with the sun warming my face.  I managed to catch a fish after fighting off a few hundred geese to get my line into one of the few spots around here that isn’t frozen, but still it’s just not the same.

To help ease some of the fish-out-of water blues most of us are experiencing during these shorter days, the folks at and have put together a Kayaking 101 class for this coming Thursday.  They’ve scheduled an indoor pool and we’re going to get a chance to go over some deep water re-entry techniques.

Practicing re-entry skills turns out to be something I need pretty badly.  Even though my Hobie Outback is one of the most stable yaks around, once I put the sail on it I’m at the mercy of big winds that have been known to flip us (one of my beagles, Maggie, was none too happy) more than once! Don’t get me wrong, sailing on the kayak is a blast and the speed you can achieve is surprising. Even so, sometimes a strong gust seems to blow from nowhere and sends me for a swim.

Nathan from Canoe Kentucky is going to bring out some of the 2011 model kayaks for us to try.  Of course I’m sure we will probably be trying each other’s yaks out as well.  I know some of my friends have some models I’d like to give a try, and I’m sure they know they can hop on the Hobie if they want (just so I get it back)!

I’m sure we’ll discuss safety concerns and the possible situations that can become dangerous all too quick unless a kayaker is paying attention.  Knowing Adam and Mark from, they’ll have more ideas for the class as well. Could it be we’ll even have time for a race or two?

I know whatever we do we’re going to enjoy just being on the water after the extended break we’ve had recently.  Some of us have a trip to Jacksonville, Florida’s Little Talbot Island planned for February, but that’s just not soon enough to save the water rats like me!

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  1. I love the name of your blog! Great idea.

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