Writers Prompt; Who would I love to go Fly Fishing with?

Well, I have to name the fellas over at first because that’s who I first went fly fishing with. If I hadn’t of hooked up with them last fall I probably still wouldn’t be doing any of this. Next would have to be Rob, better known as ABadbackcast. Then of course there’s the Outdooress, and the River Damsel, such an inspiration they both are to me. Next, there’s the really fun ones like OwlJones, and Troutrageous,. Last but DEFINITELY NOT least, Steve Schmidt of Schmidt’s Walkabouts. He grabbed my attention by quoting Jimmy Buffett, then held my attention with remarkable writing and beautiful photography. I truly admire the places he’s seen and may only get to see them through his eyes.

And that’s just for starters!

Photo by Steve Schmidt of Schmidt’s Fly Fishing Walkabouts.

Photo by Steve Schmidt of Schmidt's Fly Fishing Walkabouts

4 responses to “Writers Prompt; Who would I love to go Fly Fishing with?

  1. What a great list! Not that I’m on it, haha, but I have fished with a few of these folks and they are so awesome! Rebecca and Steve really know their way around the river and I learned so much from both of them! And OWL will be my next fishing partner at the OBN get-together! Come find us!

  2. Love those photos Pam – super stuff – the site is looking really fab.

  3. Site is looking great Pam! Good work:)
    Regards Trond

    • Thanks Trond!

      I’m trying to polish the blog up and write more to get things more interesting. I’m sure it will never be as good as yours, but at least you give me something to aim for. ;o)

      Sincerest regards, Pam

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