Vacation Time Meant Slacking on my Writing

I’m going to have to pull double duty during August to make up for slacking in July.  I had a short vacation the second week of the month and fished at Peabody Wildlife Management Area daily. Yes, even with a 124 degree heat index on Monday. Dedication or insanity? You decide.

After my time in Ohio County my mom and dad came back home with me to visit for a couple of weeks.  Needless to say I spent that time enjoying their being here.  Now I know there’s no-one out there hanging on my every word but even if there was one such person, I believe they could forgive my absence since the folks come first.

The dog days of July are gone and the double-dog days of August are here. Now I’ll take some time to detail my Peabody WMA fishing experiences. Then there’s a great  run down the Elkhorn Creek with CoachJoe and Inril (both are members of the YakAngler nation).  I also have a couple of new products to talk about so my blogging will be back in black in no time.

Fish On!

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