Protecting the Environment Can Start at Home

As Director of the KY Kayak Fishing Association I’ve recently been spending a lot of time looking for sponsors to help us with some of the initial funding for our non-profit. I’ve also been looking at different directions we can take in our conservation endeavors. The KKFA is officially launching in January 2012 so I’ve been reading a lot of environmental information and it has me thinking about ways to promote sustainability. Whether it’s sustainable fishing, environment, or simply living a sustainable lifestyle, there are small actions we can take every day.

A good move I made a couple of months ago that I’d like to share with others was when I purchased the 3-M Filtrete Water Station system.  I’d like to encourage other environmentally responsible folks to try this product, not only because the bottles are BPA free, eliminating a health hazard, but because of the footprint being left on the earth by disposable plastic water bottles.

I know everyone has probably tried the Brita type pitchers in the past as I did and found they were painfully slow to fill. What I’ve found with the 3M Water Station is that the entire appliance will fit under the faucet in your sink and the bottles fill very quickly.  I like the fact that it’s filling 16 oz bottles for me rather than a filling a pitcher that I have to in turn, pour into bottles.

It comes with a filter that is good for three months and four BPA free bottles and a built in indicator to let you know when a filter change is due.  You can also buy additional bottles, four for around 14.00.  The best part about this is you’ve got great-tasting, filtered water, all coming from your own tap, instead of carting case after case of bottled water home from the grocery.  But the biggest PLUS of all in my opinion is the plastic bottles that will be missing at your local recycle stations and landfills!

NOTE: This is simply a product that caught my eye and I decided to try. No-one asked me to review this product and I am not being compensated by the 3M company.

If you should want to purchase one for your home I found a link that gives a $5.00 rebate:

One response to “Protecting the Environment Can Start at Home

  1. Good job, Pam! It looks like I need to pick up a few things! Thanks for the info.

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