Elkhorn Creek Kayak Fishing Series by Canoe KY

The Elkhorn Creek Kayak Fishing Series kicks off this Wednesday, May 23rd, at Canoe Kentucky, Peaks Mill Road, Frankfort KY.  From 6:00 – 9:00 this week there will be an orientation meeting to discuss rules, preferences, and get the details straight and communicated.
Sponsored by Canoe Kentucky

Come one, come all… fishermen, and women, that is! The new Elkhorn Creek Fishing Series is a bi weekly fishing tournament hosted by Canoe Kentucky and local kayak fishers.

The tournament will be every other Wednesday, with one Saturday tournament a month. There will be a $15.00 per night entry fee. This money will be split 60%-40%, with 60% going to the evening winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd), and 40% going to the pot for the overall, end of the year champion.

Scoring for the nightly tournaments rank “largest fish” of the night photo. All fish reported must be taken in a “Catch-Photo-Release” format.

Our first meetup on May 23rd at 6pm will be an introduction to the series and a review of the rules. From then on out, you find the rules posted on the Canoe Kentucky website.

For more info, email Wes at:

Looking forward to paddling, and casting with you!

3 responses to “Elkhorn Creek Kayak Fishing Series by Canoe KY

  1. I knew I was missing something like here in Colorado!

  2. I suppose it’s a bit far for you to drive Howard, but I’ll issue an invitation to you anyway!

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