Elkhorn Creek Kayak Fishing Series; June 2nd

The newly remodeled Canoe Kentucky, geared more for the yak angler than ever before!

The ECKFS kicked off on Saturday, June 2 with a splash! With temperatures hovering in the mid-to upper 70’s and partly cloudy skies, we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather.

Going into the weekend there were some concerns about how Thursday night’s storms had affected water levels, flow rates and water clarity,

Waiting for the results

and whether any of that was going to affect the fishing. It turned out that the rain was just the right amount to bring the creek back up to “normal” levels, the water was still mostly clear and the fishing was quite good for most.

The results of day one were:

1st AJ McWhorter 46.5″
2nd TJ Strong 44.5″
3rd Matthew Schaefer 42.25″
4th John Walters 40.75″
5th Eric Engel 39.75″

This Wednesday, June 6, will be the second day of the series. Everyone is meeting at Canoe KY to catch the shuttle to the launch site. Fishing times will be from 6:00 to 9:00.

ECKFS Rules and regulations.

For more info, email Wes at:

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