Columbia Powerdrain™ for Wet Wading

After several weeks of trying to decide what shoes to buy for my next round of wet wading adventures, I finally made a choice and received my Women’s Powerdrain™ shoes from Columbia a couple of weeks ago.

I took them out of the box and looked them over. With two layers of differently sized mesh they looked like they would keep small rocks and debris out of the shoe. They appeared well made and were very comfortable when I tried them on.

I’ve had them out in Elkhorn Creek twice now and have to report that I’m quite pleased with these shoes.  One of the complaints I had heard about the Drainmakers™ was that small rocks could get into them. Not a problem with the Powerdrain™, except of course those times when a rock comes in through the foot opening but that’s not very often.

Water drains through them very quickly which helps when you’re trying to make a stealthy approach to your fishing spot. They moved through the water smoothly and provided decent traction on some really mossy rocks I walked on though I did slip a couple of times.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’d rate the Columbia Powerdrain™ a 9.  I didn’t
give them a 10 because I do feel a bit more could be done with the soles on slippery surfaces.  I would still recommend them to anyone who is looking for a comfortable shoe that wears well both in and out of the water and delivers on their promise of quick drainage.

Disclaimer:  Although I am a member of Columbia Sportswear™ Pro team I paid for these shoes and have received no compensation for my review. I’m providing my honest opinion for anyone who is considering buying this type of water shoe.

3 responses to “Columbia Powerdrain™ for Wet Wading

  1. Nice review. We’re always on the lookout for new wet wading footwear options.

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