Elkhorn Creek Kayak Fishing Series Results; Sunday, July 1st

This past Sunday evening we fished from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the ECKFS.
Since this week’s Weds. tourney fell on the 4th we decided to move the tourney up a couple of days to free folks up for their families on the holiday.  Since it was technically a weekday tournament, we would count the two biggest fish we caught.
Without further adieu:

July 1st Total Inches Caught

1st AJ McWhorter 29.5″
2nd TJ Strong 28″
3rd John Walters 27.5″
4th Tyson Peterson 27″
5th Tim Dunham 26.5″

Series Standings

(need to be updated asap)

AJ McWhorter 10 pts.
TJ Strong 8 pts.
Matt Schaefer 4 pts.
Tim Emberton 3 pts.
Eric Engal 3 pts.
John Walters 2 pts
The next round in the series will be this

07/14/2012 From first light to 7:00 pm.
Time to start breaking up some of these winning streaks!
Ehh, at least just come and have fun!!!

2 responses to “Elkhorn Creek Kayak Fishing Series Results; Sunday, July 1st

  1. The River Damsel

    A 15 inch bass sounds pretty good to me! I’m starting to fish after 5 pm now, just to get out of the heat! Seems that the fish are more active during that time too…

    • Unfortunately, the only 15″ that were caught this past Sunday were caught by the guys in the tourney. Mine measured in at 8.5″! I didn’t catch this one when it counted.
      All the participants have been really busy lately so I didn’t have any pics of the bigger fish from Sunday

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