When Fish Attack

I love to catch trout. I’ve only been fly fishing for three years, but trout quickly earned the top spot on my list when it comes to my most enjoyable catches.

Second only to trout, is the small mouth bass (especially on the fly). In many ways trout and smallies give similar fights, both fish being strong and aggressive. Both can be downright stubborn when it comes to coaxing them towards you, you have to wear them down enough to drag them in your direction.

A friend of mine posted this video in a YakAngler.com forum that I frequent. In the video, a diver happens upon some bedding bass and the reaction is pretty astounding. After seeing this I realize how much of a fighter the small mouth is, and why I owe no apologies for their being such a close second on my freshwater fishing list.

Smallmouth Bass Attack from John Flynn on Vimeo.

8 responses to “When Fish Attack

  1. Pretty amazing video! Although I am a trout fisherman, I always enjoy a little bass fishing…stubborn little bastages.

  2. You’re completely right about that Howard. I would like to be a trout fisherman, unfortunately there are none in close proximity to home except those stocked by the state in two little park lakes right by my house. I have decided however, when I retire (or have the chance, whichever comes first) I’m going where there’s trout!

  3. That was a good one, I love catching smallmouth.

  4. Howdy Cousin, Sometimes you just never know when you will find a long lost relative on the internet.

    • Wow! Will wonders never cease! I’m so glad to hear from you after all these years. How do relatives get so scattered? I don’t know how you stumbled across my blog, but I’m sure glad you did.

  5. Hey everyone, thanks for checking out and posting my video!

  6. John, Thank you so much for sharing it on vimeo to begin with! I was so fascinated by the behavior of the small mouth. I hope your video is getting a little traffic from my blog. Thanks again, and I’ll be watching your channel in the future.

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