Women Fish, Who Knew?

Yes men, clean up your act! Im just quoting this insightful article written by Dave, from my fly fishing heroes at #SCOF

Southern Culture On The Fly


The other day a friend of ours, who happens to be female as well as quite a proficient fly-flinger, was told, “It’s really cool that you’re a woman and you fish.” While I’m sure that this drunken slob meant absolutely no harm by his comment, it got me thinking. Why is it so cool that a woman fishes?

Right now, the Marines are studying how effective women can be in battle. In that arena women are definitely at a disadvantage — the physics just aren’t in our female friends’ favor. A 100-pound woman carrying a 115-pound pack for miles over steep terrain leads to all kinds of physical ailments that I would certainly not be tough enough to endure. Fortunately for all of us, fly fishing is a lot easier than being a Marine. Swap the rifle for a much lighter rod, the 115-pound pack for what is basically a…

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2 responses to “Women Fish, Who Knew?

  1. My oldest daughter got into fishing at a very early age, before she was 2 and still loves it 23 years later. When guys make comments, she calmly looks at them and says… I can outfish you. Said with attitude of course.

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