About Me

How do you sum up forty-eight years in a nutshell?  In the words of Jerry Garcia, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.”

A lot of things have contributed to who I am today.  First of all, my parents. My dad had me fishing by the time I was four and it’s certainly the one true constant that’s been with me through every life transition thus far.  From my mom I learned compassion, thoughtfulness, and patience, traits that I hold dear and have strengthened throughout the years.

Music has shaped me in ways I can’t begin to communicate.  Occasionally I run into someone who has an understanding of it’s undeniable hold on me, but such people are rare.  I played keyboards with various bands in multiple genres, beginning at fourteen and semi-retiring
at forty-three.  I finally decided I wanted to spend all of my “extra” time fishing and camping, which is pretty hard to do when you’re booked every weekend.

Most of my early years were far too busy for relationships.  At thirty-nine I would meet the man I married three years later, David Morton. It was a wonderful, yet sadly brief chapter of my life that changed me in ways I can’t explain but I believe made me better.  I lost him to cancer in 2008 after four years of marriage but I know he will always be a part of me.

So here I am.  ALL spare time dedicated to kayaking and fishing.  I’ve joined YakAngler.com as a ProStaff member, become a part of the Canoe KY and Hobie fishing teams, signed on as the Director of the KY Kayak Fishing Association, and started a blog.

I really didn’t know that with the addition of a yak and a fly rod I’d end up turning my life-long hobby into a total obsession!  Life is extremely short and I know Act 1 is in the past.  For Act II I want to fish as many spots as I can!

4 responses to “About Me

  1. Hi Pam
    Your blog starts to look great.
    Looking forward to see what your up to:)

  2. Hello, Pam.

    Just wanted to stop by and check out your piece of the internet. Really nice work.

    If you ever find yourself in Texas, send me an email. I’ll rustle up the crew and we can paddle some Lone Star water.

    Hope all is well.


  3. Pam, it was GREAT to meet you today. Had an absolute blast catching fish! Thanks for helping this Buckeye find the fish and, ultimately, himself!

    • Chris,
      Today just goes to show you never know what surprises await around the bend. Literally! I rounded that bend in the creek and there you were. Within five minutes I felt like I’d known you for five years. You’re right, fishing is a a sabbatical for the soul. Whether I catch a fish or not, I’m on the water and it feels right. But MAN, did we catch some fish or what!?! Yes, I’m a little proud that I hit on that spot for us, it’s a spot that almost always produces. But anyone who reads this needs to know that you’re the guy that furnished the lures! I’ll be writing a product review about those shortly if that’s alright with you! Tell your wife and daughter it was wonderful meeting them and I hope to see them on the water. Oh, and it still blows me away that you’d been reading my blog and figured out who I was. You made my day for sure!

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