Photo Prompts


Summertime always includes the arrival of my favorite winged friends.I love trying to capture them on my camera.

Spring Has Sprung

We’ve had an early and beautiful spring in Kentucky this year!

Cherry Blossom Lane, Georgetown KY
Community farm, Georgetown KY
My weeping peach tree.
Close up of my weeping peach tree blooms.

My Action Shot

I wish I had some hero shot of myself landing a 24″ trout, or a 10 lb bass. Not only is it hard to stop and take a picture when you’re in the middle of dragging that big fish in, it’s pretty difficult to catch those really big fish! They’ve proven illusive to me thus far.

Sometimes when the fishing is really S L O W, I start noticing things I might not have otherwise seen.  This is one of those shots.  It was mating season for these small, singing frogs at Laurel Lake in Kentucky a few weeks ago.  This little guy is singing for his mate.  I call the shot:

Froggy Went a Courtin’

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