The Bucket List

There are a lot more things I could list here and it’s possible I will add to this list as time goes by. Will I ever get to do any of this? Who knows!?!


That’s the way to get it done!

  1. Alaska fly fishing trip
  2. Montana fly fishing trip
  3. Try to direct the Kentucky Kayak Fishing Association towards our goals of giving back to the community, by being stewards of conservation, working with KY Special Olympics and The Wounded Warrior Project and sharing opportunities to be on the water.
  4. Show everyone in my life how important they are to me.
  5. Fly Fishing trip to Norway.
  6. Colorado Fly Fishing trip.
  7. Meet and fish with as many of the “box people” kayak anglers and fly fishers as possible. Blogs have been great to broaden that circle of acquaintances!
  8. Have a yard-sale big enough to get my two-car garage cleared out enough to actually park my pickup truck AND my kayak in it. (spring 2012)
  9. Although I’m primarily a catch and release kinda gal, I would like to have that one trophy trout or bass to put on my wall.  Of course I’d do that by having the mounted copy made off of a picture rather than stuffing the actual fish, but I have to catch it first!
  10. Plan my funeral, most importantly, the music for my funeral.  I want to make sure the lyrics all meant something extra special to me during life. (One song for sure, In My Life, by the Beatles).
  11. See the discovery of a cure for cancer. (It can’t be soon enough).

One response to “The Bucket List

  1. I am the worlds worst about planning and then “never” doing… I’ve found that spontaneousness decisions are fitting best in life right now. Best of luck to you! Maybe we can hook up one day for some smallmouth bass fishin’ from the yaks!

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