2012 — Leaning Forward

As we bring in the new year I can’t help but reflect on 2011, the highs and the lows.  The world has lost some legends, and personally we’ve each lost good friends and dear family members. We’ve finally seen the end of our war in Iraq even though the battles are raging on without us.

I’m sure I’ve grown wiser, but with wisdom comes the realization of all the things I have yet to learn and all the places I wish to fish.

My 2012 List of Fishing Goals

  • Improve my cast
  • Learn and perfect more knots
  • Buy a lemon drop fiberglass fly rod
  • Fish in Colorado (anticipating a trip in May)
  • Fish in Montana (shooting for July)
  • Continue to promote kayak fishing in KY through publicity and education
  • Fish with some fellow bloggers
  • Fish with my cousin Chris Funk — a fella I’ve never met but share so much in common with
  • Try to set aside more funds for Norway on the fly

Personal Goals

  • Get the Kentucky Kayak Fishing Association involved with wounded soldiers and Special Olympics
  • Lose weight
  • Improve my writing and write more often
  • Learn more about photography. Keep practicing and exploring my camera

I’m sure this list will grow and change. It’s a starting point. A place to begin with unlimited dreams, sort of like the date 01/01 itself.  I can’t wait to see where it all goes and what’s waiting on the other side!

6 responses to “2012 — Leaning Forward

  1. Crazy! Half of these items on your lists are also on mine! Hmmm…I think we better meet in Colorado in May for sure!

  2. I’ve given up on making goals except for one…
    Lose weight, which to me means I have to get out wading and fishing more.
    All other kinds of exercise bores me to tears.

    I guess I could cut back on cakes and pies that involve chocolate….

  3. pam, you better believe we are gonna make it to fish together this year !!! you gotta help me with my 2012 goal ! i have several goals but my big one is due to my birthday . i turn 40 in june and i want to catch 40 species of fish in my 40th year. i know it is a big task but hey, i am a big fella 🙂 i figure you have some critters up there with you that don’t swim in bama waters ! see ya soon !!!

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