Calling all Kentucky Kayak Anglers!

ImageThe Kentucky Kayak Fishing Association (KKFA) has the 2012 Membership Drive in full swing! We urge all kayak anglers in Kentucky to come on board with us, Making Kentucky Better.

We have set our goals for the year and they include:

  • Work with Wounded Warriors (Fort Campbell and Fort Knox).
  • Assisting Special Olympics participants with the skills and safety knowledge to take part in a kayaking event we hope to get added to the Special Olympics KY games.
  • Water clean up projects in Kentucky.

Please take some time to visit our website at (still under construction) to learn more about our organization, and to sign up! 

Is it going to be a little work? Yes! But there doesn’t seem to be many things worth while that don’tImage involve a little bit of work. It won’t be so much that it will wear our volunteers out, nor keep them away from their families. If fact, your family may like to be involved with the activities themselves! In the end, it will be worth the efforts as we begin to spread the activities around KY and more people are reached.

We have some great sponsors, Canoe KY of Frankfort, River City Canoe and Kayak of Louisville, Legal Limit ImageLures of Mt. Washington, and of Louisville. We are also still looking to bring more into our organization to help with costs of getting things moving and projects completed.

If you have any questions you can email me, or go to KKFA and contact us.

ImageMaking Kentucky Better!


4 responses to “Calling all Kentucky Kayak Anglers!

  1. Well, I don’t have any plans for being in Kentucky anytime soon, but your list of organizations you’re helping would be enough even without fish!

  2. Thanks Howard. We’re definitely trying to make a difference here and why not do it with something we all love! And you’re not coming to KY soon? Thought you were bringing me some Mountains and Fly shops and I was to owe you a kayak! ;o)

  3. How do I join?

    • Hi Steve!
      Just go to website and you’ll find the information and form to join. We’ll be getting your membership card in the mail shortly but in the meantime if you want to take advantage of your member’s discounts just let me know and I’ll furnish CanoeKy and River City Canoe and Kayak with your information. If you have any questions or just want to start getting to know the folks involved we have some contact links on our site too so please feel free. Welcome aboard! Pam

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