Top Fishing Brands for 2010

This is a marketing survey I recently stumbled upon in the magazine In Fisherman.  The results were gathered from over 30,000 anglers who completed an internet survey at Southwick Associate’s

 2010 Top Brands Include

Rod:  Shakespeare (12% of all purchases)
Reel:  Shimano (19.4% of all purchases)
Rod and reel combo:  Shakespeare (23.6% of all purchases)
Fishing line producer:  Berkley (12.8% of all purchases)

Hardbait:  Rapala (25.7% of all purchases)
Softbait:  Strike King (16.7% of all purchases)

Hook:  Eagle Claw/Lazer Sharp (28% of all purchases)

Sinker:  generic (29.7%), Water Gremlin (12% of all purchases)

Top fly reels brand:
Orvis (17.5% of all purchases)
Top fly combo brand:
Pfleuger (6.5% of all purchases)
Top fly line brand:
Rio (32.1% of all purchases)
Top fly leader brand:
Rio (31.2% of all purchases)
 Humminbird (34.7% of all purchases)
Tackle box:  Plano (45.5% of all purchases)
Landing net: Frabill (33.4% of all purchases)
Fishing knife:  Rapala (22.4% of all purchases)

Southwick Associates specializes in gathering consumer information such as buying trends for outdoors marketing, fish and wildlife agencies, and conservation organizations. They also measure media usage, usage of fisheries and land, and many other items affecting the outdoors market. Their reports are available for purchase and you can find more information at

The surveys open at the first of each month.  Perhaps we all need to head on over to and take part in the polls that interest us so the kayak fishing nation’s voices are included for 2011!

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