What’s on Your Christmas List?

It’s that time of year again. Time for everyone to start thinking about what kind of gifts we’re giving to loved ones, and equally important — what kind of gear we’re dreaming of receiving!

I know different anglers will be looking at different types of gear, but for some fresh ideas be sure to get over to YakAngler.com to check out the Christmas Wish List 2012 ezine!

3 responses to “What’s on Your Christmas List?

  1. I’ll take whatever you decide to send Pam. If you need specific sizes or anything just let me know.

  2. The question is, have you been naughty or nice? Don’t forget I live in KY and a lump of coal can be acquired handily. 😉

  3. kayakfishingfever

    I got a great knife for use in the yak. Had a good birthday with a Skoosh seat . It was a good holiday although . I have a fun family.
    kayakfishingfever.com is my sale site. I’ll be following…

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